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Virtual Business Academies

Learn what it takes to manage and scale a business, get personal experience building a company from the ground up, and explore the challenge of transforming ideation into the solutions of tomorrow.

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The Business: Entrepreneurship Academy teaches the fundamentals of launching a business. Students will get the opportunity to extend their financial literacy by delving deep into the world of startups. Students will also gain valuable hands-on experience and will be challenged to advance their analytical thinking. Led by some of the brightest Harvard students, our course will equip students with the tools necessary to bring these ideas to life. On the final day, students will present an innovative business idea to judges, simulating a startup pitch to investors.

What you'll learn:
  • Create your own innovative startup idea and learn to adapt it to the current market.
  • Advance your financial literacy and gain valuable analytical skills to conduct market and customer research.
  • Dive into the components that structure a business plan and learn how to create one yourself.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis and analyze product-market fit for your business idea.
  • Craft persuasive and informational elevator pitches to mock investors.
  • Analyze a business school case study and apply your findings to your own business.

Management & Strategy

The Business: Management and Strategy Academy will teach students how to tackle corporate issues, from lack of profits to market penetration with a new product. Students will act as consultants, learning how to analyze business data to devise solutions to problems. By attending this Academy, not only will students better understand mergers and acquisitions and pricing strategies, but they will also study income statements and balance sheets, learn how to value companies, and determine how to assess annual business performance.

What you'll learn:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of corporate problems and how to tackle them effectively with sound business logic.
  • Think like a consultant by learning how to be a business optimizer and problem solver.
  • Analyze the criteria for a successful launch of a new product, penetration of a new market, and the generation of positive cash flows for companies.
  • Manage the logistical and operational components of a firm by diving into actual Harvard Student Agencies case studies.
  • Interpret corporate income statements and balance sheets to understand the performance of a firm in the stock market and industry.

Week-long Academies Schedule

Program Dates
Entrepreneurship May 20 - May 24
Management May 27 - May 31
Entrepreneurship June 3 - June 7
Management June 10- June 14
Entrepreneurship June 17 - June 21
Management June 24 - June 28
Entrepreneurship July 1 - July 5
Management July 8 - July 12
Entrepreneurship July 15 - July 19
Management July 22 - July 26
Entrepreneurship July 26 - August 2
Management August 5 - August 9
Entrepreneurship August 12 - August 16
Management August 19 - August 23

Weekend Academies Schedule

Program Dates
Entrepreneurship May 18 - May 19
Management May 25 - May 26
Entrepreneurship June 1 - June 2